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India has more than a billion people, out of which over 50% is young.

The median age of the nation is 26, far below the global average.

Every one of us is designed for a life of victory and fullness. However many young people are often caught in a web of emotional pain.

Hurt, rejection, bitterness, anger, loneliness, addictions are often a norm. Bangalore, aside from other things, is well known as the suicide capital of India.


In this context, Kerygma encourages young people to discover themselves, discover others and discover God. This we believe is the path to move into a life of increasing victory and joy.


Established in 1997 by Jacob and Sheela Isaac, along with a group of young professionals to, we focus on the needs of youth of India


To underprivileged and at-risk youth. 


With other like-minded organisations. 


To those interested in developing leadership skills and spiritual maturity


Youth workers training modules using the "Basics of Youth Ministry"

"Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that God has planted a

vision for good works

in every heart that seeks to serve Him."

Kerygma is mostly a volunteer based ministry.


We believe that a strong team is built with the help of a plethora of talents and serving hearts, because God has given us these gifts. We let volunteers serve in their areas of strength.


Outreach, Discipleship and Missions are the three foundational goals of Kerygma's events. We use creative means like the arts and media to connect and cultivate the young lives we encounter

Invest in the lives of young people of this nation.