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our story

Kêrygma is a non – profit YOUTH AND FAMILY oriented service organization, founded by Jacob and Sheela Isaac in August 1997. It was born out of a vision that they received to permeate God’s love to today’s urban society, particularly the youth and families.


The very evening Jacob and Sheela Isaac lost their second child John in tragic circumstances, a young musician by a similar name came visiting the Isaac's seeking hope for his life. Through this simple encounter, God impressed on their hearts a special vision to serve the several needy young people who were facing personal challenges and unable to cope with it. During the early days, many young people came, stayed in their home and have moved on – refreshed, nourished and impacted by their love and attention as representatives of God’s love.


Kerygma thus is a story of hope that continues to change the lives of many.

In obedience to this vision, they offered whatever they had, the space above their home to start the first “Coffee House” a hangout for young people in the city. This pioneering effort became a symbol of creativity and innovation and for several years was the leading edge ministry that spread across India. Their life giving model of service brought many seeking to learn from this community of creative young men and women a novel way of impacting young lives.

Roof top acoustics, box guitars, unrehearsed DJ and hot coffee was the feel of the place. Coffee House became a place where young people could unwind and just talk about life. Today it has grown beyond their home to change many young lives in different ways.  


'Salt of the New Generation'
Adding flavour and Preventing Decay


To permeate the urban society with Christ-like values of love and service and to create an atmosphere of personal vision - assisted by coaches, counselors and personality assessment tools - and spiritual growth through awareness of self, others and reality.  

our Team

IMG_E5126 (2).JPG

Jacob Isaac

Founder Director

IMG_E5132 (2).JPG

Sheela Isaac

Operations Director

Tony face.jpg

Dr Tony George


ivan new.png

Ivan Jabez


Vijay new.png

VIjay Kumar

Coordinator - Strategic Teams 


Abe & Mili

Coordinator - Teen Clubs

rojo new.png


Coordinator - Overseas Alumni

chandra ethan_edited.jpg

CHandra Ivan

Coordinator - Prayer 

william 1.png

WIlliam Paul

Coordinator - Resource Centre 


VOlunteer Team

Volunteers passionate to reach youth, inspire one another to give their time, money and talents to impact young lives. This is the model that has borne fruit over the years

 They build young leaders, offer need based counseling and come alongside them to mentor. They manage logistics for events and in many other areas according to the strengths they possess.

Our Executive Board members, Ministry Coordination Teams and  on ground teams volunteer their time from their professional involvement to govern the activities along with talented youth workers.

Our volunteers give us the bandwidth to reach wider into institutions, partner with churches and work alongside like minded organisations - together we are able to touch many more young lives.


Partnership is the key.

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