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What do we do?

RELIEF - Education and Food

Most recently, in response to COVID-19, we ventured out upon hearing the cries of migrants with no jobs or food to feed their families.

This sparked a chain of events resulting in dry ration support for over 100 families. Over 5000 hot and freshly cooked meals packed and delivered to their homes. 


Around the same time a few in need of fees came looking for aid. While we provided partial help to them, we discussed and felt we should narrow down to one student who could then be supported completely until he completes his bachelor in Commerce studies without any fear of discontinuing.



We look forward to investing in the lives of many more! 


From its inception way back in 1997, Kerygma has specialised in camps that are experiential in nature. These were held at carefully chosen venues that burst with the flavour of adventure.  

We have held camps for students at schools, teens, youth, couples, and even for parents and children in partnership with other organisations.

Campers go through a process of learning and discovering as they experience nature, participate in our interactive sessions, feel the impact of good music, and more than anything - meet new people.

All these ingredients come together to give them a taste of something unique that they have never had before and leave them wanting more. 


Volunteers who offer their time and energy to the ministry are provided opportunities to lead small discussion groups, provide leadership at camps and lead outreach teams.

As with every program that we conduct, we place connection with people, and self-discovery at a high position in our leadership development programs. 

The informal training environment spurs volunteers to learn from each other through their victories and failures. It is a joy to see how many of them have moved on to become business and market place leaders while others have grown to pioneer their own initiatives.   


Every year, Kerygma connects with a fresh batch of teens through its camps.

Movies, games, discussions, music, and snacks are a regular feature in our club meets. The discussion groups give opportunities for youth to grapple with difficult life issues relevant to their everyday needs, find answers to the meaning of life, and discover treasures in the Bible. We also encourage creative expression through art, theatre, and even worship and prayer

We have now moved on to creating more clubs that serve as hangouts for teens and youth to have engaging discussions and life-changing moments. 

Leadership Development.jpg

Our work spanning over two decades, touching thousands of lives seems but a drop in the ocean. There are still millions of youth in our nation. The answer to impacting many more youth is in training and equipping more volunteers who will respond to the needs of the youth. 

To fulfil that dream, our founders - Jacob and Sheela have written a training manual and workbook to equip youth workers who can deal with various contemporary issues and approaches.

However to be true to our belief that, ‘Youth work is caught and not just taught’, we encourage internship opportunities to along with the classroom training.

We are open to travel around the country and partner with churches, organisations and seminaries in an effort to train youth workers of various contexts in the far corners of our nation.


Kerygma resource center is situated on a 7 acre area of land in Kurlapalli Village of Lepakshi Taluk. We seek to use it for our youth camping and training programs and also focus on community related work.


We have currently begun working in a small way to organise life skills training for young ones. This is accomplished  through holistic programs that encourage learning through sports, art, crafts, fun, laughter and other languages of expression. 

We hope to develop and provide better meeting facilities for larger gatherings and other equipment to hone local talent for the future generations. 

This hope to generate resources from our centre that will eventually provide for our projects and be a source of livelihood for the people in the surrounding villages.


We are in need of generous donors who will come alongside us and help propel this vision. 


Youth struggle with external pressures, trends and many emotional ups and downs, contributing to the rise of anxiety, depression, and various kinds of addictions.

Kerygma believes in providing a supportive hand to work alongside educational institutions and like-minded professionals to bring awareness of the negative effects of addictive behaviour on young people, teachers and parents.

A network of volunteers make themselves available to counsel youth and families who have reached out to us. Over the years, we have been able address a deep rooted issues to impact and transform the lives of struggling young people.  


Higher education or employment opportunities bring many young people to the city and they often have to live in hostels or dormitories.

As an organisation we sensed their collective loneliness and their longing to find a home away from home. We endeavour to create awareness among families to develop informal spaces and open their homes as teen hangouts for rest and restoration.

Our volunteers have regularly visited hostels to facilitate support groups and to simply offer a shoulder to lean on. We also hold informal talks that prompt discussions on more serious issues like the 'purpose of life'. We believe that these simple conversations where we lend a good listening ear and offer much needed wisdom, are a platform for real impact. 


Institutions, MNCs, NGOs are always eager to find a good talent pool for their events.


Kerygma has had several opportunities to host events on occasions like Christmas, to engage with corporates and students over the truth and joy of the season and to share in our season of fun, laughter and goodies! 

Through months of planning and preparation, rehearsals for carol singing, dramas, interactive group games and sharing over many cups of tea - everyone has a great time and leave totally changed and wanting more.


We truly want to make a difference, where ever we see open doors and welcome hearts - whether the gatherings are big or small. 

All that we do and can be done is with the help of our super talented, generous and hardworking volunteers who often give sacrificially of their time, money and talents. 

If you have a skill you wish to contribute and a heart of compassion - COME JOIN HANDS WITH US.     If your heart resonates with the vision and find causes to help with or looking to get a feel of volunteering, pick the phone now and call us, we would love to hear from you!

Every bit of help - from service, to training, to organising and connecting, helps us make a difference and be a light in the many areas of darkness our youth face.  We promise, you will connect with a group of fun, creative and inspiring individuals and make friends for life!

We see a need now, more than ever and you can be a part of the solution.  

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