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What do we do?

We have recreated ourselves in many avatars over the years in our many endeavors to impact young lives. Coffee House,  Camps, Youth Events – large and small (Paper Fashion Shows, All Night Worship, Music Concerts), Coffee Talks, Teens Clubs, Awareness and Life Skill Programs in Schools and Colleges, Bible Studies, Counseling, a telephone counseling line, Mentoring, Leadership Development have all been part of this ministry over the last two decades. We have run a rehabilitation centre for a number of years to help those struggling with addictions. Through it all, our vision has remained the same: to be the Salt of the New Generation, to permeate the urban society with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The unreached youth of urban India are massive in number and today we know that we cannot make a dent unless we train others and have a multiplication of Youth workers. And so more recently we are into focused, systematic Training of Youth Workers. We have developed a curriculum that is inter-active, community based and allows for experiential learning.

The ministry of Kerygma continues to make a difference pioneering changes in small and big ways. Our creative strategies have become the stepping stone and an inspiration for many other youth ministries in India and abroad. 


From its inception way back in 1997, Kerygma has specialised in camps that are experiential in nature. 

We have held at least two camps every year for young people, sometimes for couples and even for parents and children in partnership with other ministries.

Campers go through a process of learning and discovering, as they experience nature, meet new people, participate in the sessions and activities and become a part of the adventure.  


These activity based day programs are organised to communicate the gospel through music, theatre, games and talks.

Kerygma addresses youth issues like abortion, drug abuse, pornography, teen pregnancy or more relational themes such as love, forgiveness, service, etc.


In this process we encourage them to discover the creator, discover themselves and discover others.


Christmas is a season to celebrate!


Kerygma trains its volunteers and makes itself

available with activities, skits, drama, music and many other creative arts, to be available where ever there are open doors, big or small gatherings. 

We have these outreaches to spread the true joy of the season.


Every year Kerygma connects with a fresh batch of teens through its camps. The Kerygma Hangout is open for the teens to meet up on weekends.


Movies, games, food and fun make it an enjoyable time for the teens.  They also spend time in discussions on youth issues, Bible studies, worship and prayer. 

We run the 12 week Alpha Youth Film Series for teens wanting to be grounded in the basics of the faith.  


Volunteers who give of their time and energy to the ministry gather on weekends for times of prayer, inspiring talks and discussions.

Presently the team is thoroughly enjoying its weekly ration of the Global Leadership Summit videos and reflection times.


Our work over two decades touching thousands of lives seems but a drop in the ocean. There are millions of yet unreached youth in our nation.

The answer to impacting many more youth is in training and sending Youth Workers into the field of harvest.

To fulfill the above dream, Kerygma has put together a training manual and workbook for training youth workers.

However to be true to our belief that, ‘Youth Ministry is caught and not just taught’, we allow for practical opportunities for Youth Workers to be involved in the different ministries over the year along with months of classroom training.

Our staff travel around the country to partner with churches, organizations and seminaries in an effort to train Youth workers in the far corners of our nation.


Kerygma was gifted 7 acres of land by a generous donor. We have then adopted the village close to this land to reach out to the rural teens through holistic programs over the past few years.

Another donor has gifted adventure sports equipment for youth camps.

Kerygma has plans to develop this land and use the adventure sports equipment for camps and Youth workers training. Our prayer is that we would be able to develop this centre and use it as an income generation project to take our work forward.


Youth struggle with emotions of various sorts

and some take solace in addictions of different kinds.


We have done many programs to bring awareness of the negative effects of many addictions to teens, teachers and parents.


Kerygma has made itself available for one on one counseling time and again for scores of needy youth and families over the years, working in conjunction with professionals and institutions if needed. T4L or "Thanks 4 Listening" was a telecounseling line that we launched to offer help.


Higher education or work often brings many young people into the city and they often live in hostels or dormitories.


Kerygma has sensed the loneliness of these young lives or just their need to find a home away from home.

Our volunteers have regularly visited such hostels to facilitate support groups and offer a shoulder to lean on. The informal talks often lead to the more

serious issues of life and becomes a platform to impact young lives.