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Christmas BBQ 

An evening of enlivening music, captivating theatrics, side- splitting laughter and games, engaging life stories, delicious food and loads of fun!

Come, discover the joys of Christmas! 

Time: 6:30pm - 10pm

Location: Kerygma Hangout 

Cover charge: Rs. 250/- 

Contact: Demetrius Jacob - 08951265816 for more details 



Rural Outreach

About 50 children will come together from a village next to Kerygma's campsite about 120 kilometers from Bangalore city. Kerygma volunteers will lead these children into a time of learning through crafts, singing, inspiring stories from God's word. It will be a time of mutual exposure for, both the urban kids going from Bangalore, and the rural children. This time of interaction will facilitate an understanding of unique needs and possibilities. 


Time: 2pm - 8pm

Location: LePakshi, Hindupur



Christmas at The Play Arena

Witness a creative Christmas production in a Play

Arena in Bangalore, with invigorating music and an incredible theatre performance that will bring you into a Christmas with a difference.


Time: 2pm - 9pm

Location: The Play Arena 

 events IN THE Recent PAST:

Reality Check 

September 2016

A youth camp for high schoolers in collaboration with the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT) 

Youth Workers Training

March - August 2016

A 24-session classroom training interspersed with practical mission work  that spanned over 6 months, teaching a group of potential youth workers

Outbound Training

August 2016

Christ University students came together for a day of fun learning with a focus on emotional quotient and other life skills


May 2016

A journey into the wild, peppered with amazing adventurous activities to discover more of reality