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It happened in 2022...
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Teens Camp

21 Christian students and 10 young volunteers gathered at the Kerygma Camp site in Lepakshi, AP for a weekend getaway. They came to learn and engage spiritually  and realign their lives.  This was our fist camp after the two year lockdown and everyone welcomed the change.


The focus of our time was towards self discovery, inspirational talks on discovering God,  and group activities to discover one another in natural surroundings without any media interference. A BBQ night around a bonfiire warmed us up but the following day we all had to pack up and return to our homes.


Thanksgiving Service

The volunteers serve in many different ways and we felt we owe them a big thank you for the depths of our hearts. They came together and for many who serve quietly in the sidelines it was refreshing to meet one another and put a face to a name.


Dr Tony George, Mr Vijay Kumar and Ivan participated in sharing thoughts with us. Sheela gave a report of our activities and a glimpse of where we were heading in the new year. William led in a workshop to encourage us to think together and serve together to fulfill the vision and mission of Kerygma.    

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hope at christmas 

Carols and BBQ Nite

The teens were so eager and showed much enthusiasm in the idea of a carol and BBQ service. They spent a couple of weeks rehearsing carols, coordinating, and even came early on the day to prepare and decorate the venue. While a few seniors were getting the BBQ fire ready, the place was decorated and did a quick rehearsal of the songs. 

Once the other teens arrived it was a great time of fun and fellowship with Celine and Jerusha leading the games. The rain did not dampen their spirits, in fact it warmed all our hearts to be able to celebrate together unlike the pandemic years locked in at home.   

UPcoming events:


April 2023

A camp to teach the truth and right principles for living. all other ingredients that make Kerygma camp a fun time will not be missed out.  

Volunteers training

March - August

A training session interspersed with activities and practical mission work  is being offered for those involved in youth ministry, 

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Ministry Coordination Team

May 2023

Volunteers come together to give and also learn from each other as they share their life experiences.  

Resource Center Development


Much prayer is needed as we take up developmental work at the camp site. We hope to use it to build the community 

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