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This was not something I expected. I went to the Coffee House to ask if I could park my belongings for a night, but they invited me right in and allowed me to stay over that night. They cared for me and showed true love and that stay stretched for over two years. Who would believe, what had just happened to me.

I honored their outright love and cleaned up, worked hard and even registered for a study program. For a person like me who had dropped out of school at the age of 11, I did not deserve it, not at the age of 29.


I felt I deserved to pay heavily for throwing my life away to drugs. But this miracle truly caught my attention and changed me completely. 


The Kerygma camps are different as they try to connect with us and provide holistic support. Each session has a specific significance. I was able to discover my strengths and abilities and began to value myself instead of hating myself.


At first I thought like every other camp the games and activities were time pass activities to fill the schedule. Once I realised the intentionality of every activity I began to take more interest and found that I am no different from the others, that they have similar struggles and talking about it brought healing to me.


The natural process of helping us connect with self led me to ask questions about a higher reality and that was precious for me as a young teen. 


I was a failure. I could not clear my exam papers and had given up trying. That's when I came over to Kerygma to check them out as I had a lot of free time. But what happened was incredible. After the initial chat, they understood my situation and asked me to come over every day with my books and study there. I accepted the challenge and completed my studies. It boosted my self-confidence which was pretty low at that time. Being a music lover it kept bringing me back to play and listen to music. Soon I completed my piano grades and today I am a lounge pianist, and a music teacher. Today, I am happily married and settled in life. 

The time they spent made a difference and no one forced me into a mould.

I was accepted as I am. 

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